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British Values

At Bournes Green Schools, we aim to inspire a lifelong love of learning. 
We provide a nurturing, inclusive environment where all children are safe and secure. Staff enable children to reach their potential through personalised learning, challenge and high expectations, and by providing memorable, meaningful, learning experiences.

We value creativity and allow individuals to flourish and grow. We encourage independence, respect for others, high self-esteem and personal responsibility, whilst promoting a sense of community and collaboration within the school and the wider world.

British Values
At Bournes Green, we think it is very important that our pupils develop a strong set of values and principles, and that they question and understand what it means to grow up in British society.

Through a rich and challenging curriculum, and a focus on key events in British history, we invite pupils to reflect upon their role in a diverse, multicultural and multi-faith society.

Through assemblies, discussions and discrete lessons regarding Fundamental British Values, we equip pupils with a mature, respectful and sensitive appreciation for difference and diversity. In discussing what it means to be British, children engage critically with stereotypes and prejudices and develop an understanding of how we can celebrate our heritage and home cultures whilst also embracing the ties that bind us together. We further instil an appreciation of the values of fairness and democracy through our school council.

We deliver an inclusive Religious Education curriculum that teaches pupils about the beliefs and practices of major religious groups, and the shared values that religion can promote in synchrony with core British values.

As a school, we take our responsibility to generate respect for differences and individual rights seriously. Our challenging curriculum enables pupils to recognise the valuable role that they play as emerging citizens in British society.

British Value

How we promote it


  • facilitating a democratic process for electing our School Councillors, Eco Councillors and Pupil Advocates and the running of the meetings.
  • teaching about the democratic process in Britain, at both a local and national level. We teach about community groups and how children can participate in these and make changes to the world around them.
  • taking turns in class, at dinner time and in after school clubs.
  • Votes for Schools - a weekly current afffairs based discussion and voting session.
  • British Value focussed assemblies.

Rule of law

  • agreeing class rules and rules for effective Learning Partnerships.
  • teaching children to learn about the process of law-making and the part that citizens can play in that process.
  • implementing our procedures and protocols for dealing with any behavioural issues in school which demonstrates to pupils that we take these issues very seriously, mirroring the attitudes of British society.
  • British Value focussed assemblies.

Individual liberty

  • teaching an understanding of the concept of freedom and choice.
  • providing our extra-curricular provision, which offers equal opportunities for all children, boys and girls, and children with Special Educational Needs in sport and other areas.
  • British Value focussed assemblies.

Mutual respect

  • teaching children to work with a range of people through our Learning Partners, which change weekly.
  • holding class discussions and conversations.
  • collective reward systems in place e.g. house points and earned reward time for classes
  • teaching and modelling the equal treatment of minority groups.
  • British Value focussed assemblies.

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

  • teaching our RE curriculum, which inculcates values of understanding, tolerance and respect for others, including those of various faiths.
  • holding discussions in RE, English and other subjects, which allow children to develop respect for the opinions, values and beliefs of others.
  • British Value focussed assemblies.