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Our Design and Technology curriculum is constructed to inspire children to think innovatively and inquisitively and with a developing perseverance to solve problems both as individuals and as members of a team. We provide varied learning opportunities which aim to develop not only children’s technical skills, but also to promote creative, and imaginative thinking developing their wider knowledge of product design, and their ability to apply vocabulary accurately. From the early years, children will be introduced to the technical content of mechanisms, structures, textiles as well as cooking and nutrition. These technical skills will develop as the years progress enabling the children to apply this knowledge in real life situations and problem-solving. For example, a simple folding card created in the early years is built upon by adding sliders in year 1 and then the children will learn about using axels and pivots to make a moving vehicle.

Pupils use a range of tools and equipment to perform practical tasks for a purpose. Pupils are provided with opportunities to generate, develop, model and communicate their ideas in a variety of ways. The children are taught technical knowledge and learn how to build structures and explore simple mechanisms. They have the opportunity to evaluate products, ideas and their designs.

This conscientious process, with constant reflection and refinement, teaches our children the important message of improvement and perseverance. Our aim through Design and Technology is to help all children to become informed future consumers and potential innovators.