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Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Autumn 1 Continuous Provision Parental feedback

'It was lovely to see @@ playing with different chidlren. The variety of play equipment is amazing!'

'It was lovely to see @@ interact with his friends. It was hard to keep up with him!'

'Great insight into teaching methods and gives great ideas as to how we can suppliment at home.'

'A great opportunity to see my child enjoying their environment and seeing how fun activities are used to help her learn.'

'Lovely to see @@ and @@ playing with their friends in the mud garden and also showing me the letters and face puzzles.'

'Wonderful to see how the children have settled in and are so obvioustly enjoying being here.'

 'Lovely to see @@ in his learning environment. He was so excited to show me around.'

'It was lovely to see the children enjoying all aspects of play and learning though fun.'

'Very useful and lots of tips for us at home.'

'Lovely to see how they learn and how it is child led. Learning through play is clearly so important to their development.'

'He seems very confident and happy. Understood instructions and introduced me to his friends which was lovely.'

'Helpful to know more about learning thorugh play and gross/fine motor skills.'

Lots more information will be added soon!