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English - Reading

At Bournes Green School, we aim for all our children to become confident, fluent readers as well as nourish and develop their own personal preferences to foster a life-long love of reading. Our children are immersed in a reading curriculum that is rich and varied. Daily shared reading lessons have a rigorous and clear pedagogy that addresses key skills needed to become a proficient reader. Lessons provide opportunities to further develop oracy, as children talk, discuss and reason about texts collaboratively, exploring language choices and the author’s intent. All of which feed into children’s writing and dialogue in other areas of the curriculum. Children are exposed to books in all curriculum areas, books which are diverse, complex in plot and provide knowledge for other subjects. Children make connections, vocabulary is enhanced and improved: all of which develops reading comprehension.   

We ensure that the texts our children take home and read independently, are varied, offer a level of challenge and are closely matched to their reading ability. We believe that for our children to become fluent readers and writers, phonics must be mastered, therefore we track phonic development throughout KS2, providing systematic phonic teaching for those that still require support. Children who are yet to master phonics and therefore need additional repeated practice, read decodable texts which are carefully matched to their ability.  

Storytime at Bournes Green School is an essential part of our school day. The children are exposed to varied texts which have been carefully selected to encourage higher levels of understanding but most important texts which the children can get lost in, make connections with and simply enjoy success.