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At Bournes Green Junior School, it is our vision that history will inspire curiosity and a love of learning. From Year 3 to Year 6, we believe in immersive teaching that engages children with their past and the lives of those who came before them. Our topic-based and experiential approach to learning in Key Stage Two offers children a window into the past. Topics incorporate British history as well as global history and span across time. Throughout the years, children will journey from prehistoric times, exploring the lives of people in the Stone Age, right through to investigating the events of the Second World War. Through rich conversation, research, continued use of historical vocabulary, interpreting historical sources and discovering the stories of real people, our children develop a deep understanding of the past and wider historical concepts such as colonisation and gender. Furthermore, they consider the chronology of each time period and event studied, allowing them to compare similarities and differences and draw conclusions about how life has change over time. By teaching children about the past, we teach them how to think critically, debate, ask insightful questions and to develop an informed opinion of their own. Additionally, through studying both British and world history, our children develop an understanding of diversity and the challenges people face. In embedding history with cross-curricular links, as we have at Bournes Green, we deepen understanding, promote enquiry and enable children to understand the significance of the people and events that shape our lives.