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At Bournes Green Infant School, it is our vision that history will inspire curiosity and a love of learning. From Early Years through to Key Stage One, we believe in an immersive teaching approach that engages children with their past and the lives of those who came before them. Through continuous provision and rich conversations, children in Reception have the opportunity to discover their own histories, explore the stories of their families and compare the past to the present. Then, through celebrating special events, they are familiarised with British and world history.  In Key Stage One, focused topics spanning from Ancient Greece to the Lockdown, from Southend to South America, offer the children a window into the past. Through meaningful experiences, developing an understanding of chronology, discovering the stories of real people and interpreting historical sources, our children develop the skills of comparison and enquiry. Furthermore, they see how life has changed overtime as well as how events and individuals have the power to shape the world in which we live. Additionally, the breadth and diversity of topics in history at Bournes Green enable children to more deeply understand the different lives people lead and the challenges they face. By teaching children about the past, we teach them how to think critically, debate, ask questions and develop an opinion of their own.