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Inclement Weather Information

It is always our intention to keep school open during times of poor weather. However, it is important that our site is safe and that we have sufficient staff who are able to safely travel to and from work. Where we may experience challenging weather overnight, we will endevour to follow the following plan:

- Mr Denchfield to be on site by 6-00am to assess the building and general site.

- Staff to inform Mr Denchfield by 7-00am of their ability to travel to and from school safely.

- The Catering Manager to inform Mr Denchfield by 7-00am if they can provide school lunch on this day.

- The Breakfast and After School staff to inform Mrs Goy by 7-00am if they can open as normal.

- Before school clubs (e.g. ASSA, 11+) to inform Mrs Goy by 7-00am if their club will run as normal.


Mr Denchfield and the Senior Leadership Team will use the information above in conjunction with the current and forecast weather, to assess if the school can open safely. Please note that staffing, lessons and break/lunch arrangements may need to be adapted during these days.

It is our intention to send a message via Bromcom at 7-15am to parents/carers with an update.  

Early collection/Early Closure

We understand that, during particularly challenging and extreme weather, parents may wish to collect their child early from school. We will try to accomodate this as quickly as possible, but please be mindful that our office is likely to be very busy and this may take longer that usual.

It is always our intention to keep both schools open for the full day. However, in extreme circumstances, we may need to close a school. When this is necessary, children and staff will move to the other school and we will message parents via Bromcom that an early collection may be possible/necessary.

In the extremely rare ocassion we need to fully close both schools, we will immediately send a message via Bromcom with further instructions.

Uniform and footwear

School uniform remains in place unless your are notified via Bromcom of a change.

Please ensure your child/children come to school with an appropriate coat and footwear. During snowy, icy or very wet weather, it is advisable for children to come to school in boots and then change into their school shoes. Gloves, scarves and hats should also be considered to ensure children are kept warm when travelling to and from school and when outside during the school day.

Outside play when it snows

Where possible and safe, we will try to plan for the children to play in the snow. This is likely to be planned during the day and via a rota. Provision will be offered where children may not wish to play outside.

Children must have appropriate clothing and be able to play sensibly. Snowballs must only be thrown below the shoulders and never with the intention to hurt.