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Mathematics is the bedrock of civilisation and the language of science. Without it, we couldn't measure anything, make anything or build anything. There would be no money, houses or roads. Because the world is underpinned by mathematical patterns and structures, mathematics delivers real world impact in its own right.

At Bournes Green, we teach to enable children to achieve Mathematics Mastery. To achieve this, we plan using small steps to ensure everyone can progress. Our small steps aim to build upon prior knowledge so key links can be made across the curriculum. Teachers use representations and manipulatives to expose mathematical structures, which develops confidence, variety of approach and fluency.

In our maths lessons, a growth mind-set is essential. We believe that all children are capable of succeeding at maths and are neither ‘born with the maths gene’ nor ‘just no good at maths.’ With good teaching, appropriate structures and resources, effort and a ‘can do’ attitude, all children can achieve in and enjoy mathematics.

Mastering maths means pupils of all ages acquiring a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject. Achieving mastery means acquiring a deep understanding of the maths that has been taught to enable pupils to solve unfamiliar problems and undertake complex reasoning, using the appropriate mathematical vocabulary.

The challenges tackled by our pupils encourage intelligent practice using problem solving and the exploration of different methods. Lessons start with a discovery problem to promote curiosity and cooperation with peers. All of our problems are based upon real life scenarios and we expose children to strategies to solve these using the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach with a strong focus on using practical resources