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Our Staff

As a school, we encourage strong partnerships between our parents and school staff. Please do get in contact with us if we can help in any way, or you have a concern which you would like to raise. 

Senior Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher – Mr Denchfield
Deputy Headteacher - Curriculum Lead, Inclusion/SEND & Safeguarding Lead and Phonics & Early Reading Lead – Mrs Goy
Deputy Headteacher - Curriculum Lead, Assessment Lead, English Lead, ECT Induction Tutor and Educational Visits Coordinator - Mr Kent

Lower KS2 Phase Leader - Mrs Holland
Upper KS2 Phase Leader - Mrs Crumbie

School Office

School Office Team Leader - Mrs Chiles-Paras

School Office Admin & Wellbeing Assistant - Mrs Neale
School Office Admin & Wellbeing Assistant (Weds, Thurs & Fri) - Mrs Brown
School Office Admin & Wellbeing Assistant (Mon & Tues) - Mrs Hatch

Teaching Staff

Year 3 - Spruce
Miss Cook. Subject Lead - Art & DT (KS2)

Year 3 - Oak
Mrs Smith. Subject Lead - Outdoor Learning (KS2)
Mrs Sayer. Subject Lead - Music (KS2)

Year 4 - Elm
Mrs Holland. Subject Lead - French (KS2) & History (LKS2)

Year 4 - Pine
Mrs Woodman. Subject Lead - Science & RE (KS2)

Year 5 - Hazel
Mr Sykes. Subject Lead - Computing (EYFS, KS1 and KS2)

Year 5 - Beech
Ms Rich. Subject Lead - PE (KS2) & History (UKS2)

Year 6 - Willow
Mrs Crumbie. Subject Lead - Maths & Geography (KS2)

Year 6 - Birch
Mrs Hammond. Subject Lead - PSHE (EYFS, KS1 and KS2)

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs Read
Mrs Kyriakides (School Council)
Miss Walker
Miss Truluck


Mrs Groves (currently Mrs Goy)

Learning Mentor

Mrs Westlake

Learning Support Staff

Mrs Twiddy
Mrs Potts
Ms Garner
Mr Cunningham
Mrs Lamb
Mrs Harding

Lunchtime Assistants

Mrs Hatton
Mrs Rabin
Mrs Brook
Mrs Thakkap