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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning at Bournes Green Infant School is used to enhance the curriculum and provide children with lifelong skills and experiences throughout their time in primary school. Our children’s mental and physical health benefits from being outdoors with a large focus on working as a team. Our children create meaningful and memorable learning experiences while learning in a cross curricular way. Learning to care for their environment starts as the children begin school and moves throughout years 1 and 2 with children litter picking to keep the school clean as well as weeding and caring for planting beds. 

Children begin their journey by exploring the outdoors and beginning to name plants and animals that live there. They move onto a more scientific approach, categorising and comparing animals and the habitats they live in. Risks are explored safely and the children learn about the different ways in which risk can be managed. They explore a variety of tools such as gardening forks and secateurs as well as learning to safely build, light and cook over a fire. Staying safe amongst the natural world, including identifying dangerous leaves or fruits, is a key area of learning that is taught from the Early Years and throughout KS1. 

The children at Bournes Green Infant School leave KS1 as curious learners who ask questions and have a love of the outdoors.