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Reading Passports

At Bournes Green we want our children to get excited about reading! We want them to have experience of reading a wide breadth of books in school and at home. We want our children to choose books that they connect with, books which will inspire them and books which will further embed knowledge in other subjects.  

To support this further, children in Key Stage 2 receive a Bournes Green Reading Passport for them to make a note of certain texts they are reading at home, encouraging them to select different genres and text types. On their passport you will see that there are some recommended texts for your child to tick off once they have read them. They do not need to read them all, this is so they have some guidance on recommended books for their age group. Please let your child listen to you read too, so they can sit back and enjoy a good story, poem or fact book! It will become part of a class reading culture to talk about these passports, sharing recommended texts with one another. 

If we can see by the end of the year that your child has made a good attempt to read a variety of different books, they will share their passport with the headteacher and will be celebrated in a special end of year reading assembly.  

Thank you for your continued support with reading, it makes a huge difference to our children.