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Entitlement Document

The SECAT schools have worked together to consider

➢ What did we want our pupils to ‘look like’ at the end of their journey in our SECAT schools?
➢ How would we ensure the offer was equitable one across SECAT?

Through discussion with our staff and children, we decided that there were certain aspects of the pupils’ curriculum that we would not compromise on. We are committed to supporting our children and young people to:

✓ Be confident learners
✓ Be resilient
✓ Be creative
✓ Recognise failure and learn from it
✓ Build productive relationships
✓ Be honest
✓ Enjoy their learning

Following the setting up of groups for Pupil and Staff Advocates and Wellbeing Representatives, feedback was very clear about how we should proceed. The children have been pivotal in this whole process. They made it very clear what they wanted the curriculum offer to be:

From this, we have designed our pledge considering the whole planned learning experience – curriculum, lessons, opportunities, events, routines, enrichment, what the children do before, after and beyond school. The Entitlement Document can be found below.