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School Uniform

As a school, we strongly encourage all children to wear school uniform when attending school or when participating in a school-organised events outside normal school hours. Our school uniform is important to us as we believe this helps children to feel part of our caring school family.

Please support the school and your child by ensuring every item of school wear is clearly marked with your child’s name.

Our school uniform is:

  • Grey trousers, skirt or pinafore
  • Grey shorts or checked navy dress for summer
  • White polo shirt or shirt with or without the school logo
  • School tie (winter uniform)
  • Red V-neck jumper or cardigan with the school design
  • Grey or white plain socks
  • Black enclosed shoes or sandals
  • Navy blue fleece with school logo (optional and being phased out)

The only jewellery permitted is:

  • One pair of small stud earrings (no hoops or long earrings) – no other piercings are permitted.
  • A sensible wristwatch – smart watches are not permitted.
  • Religious jewellery.

Jewellery is the responsibility of the pupil and not the school. All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons, sports clubs and sporting events. New piercings must only be done at the very start of the summer holiday to ensure they can be removed from the first day of term.

Nail varnish, make up and nail extensions are not permitted.

For PE

  • Red PE shorts and yellow polo shirt with motif.
  • Trainers should be word for outdoor PE. For indoor PE, children will often learn in in bare feet, but sometimes plimsoles or trainers may be worn.
  • Long hair is required to be tied back during PE lessons. Please ensure your child has a hair band in their PE bag.  
  • The majority of children should remove glasses for PE. If a child’s eyesight would be a barrier to participating in PE, they may wear them. Please ensure that your child's teacher knows what your son/daughter's optician’s instructions are. Elastic headbands are available from many opticians to help secure glasses that cannot be removed. 
  •  For hygiene reasons, tights should not be worn under PE kit. Please ensure that if children are wearing tights, they have socks to change into in their PE kit. For cold weather, it is advisable for children to have a tracksuit or jogging bottoms. Bournes Green tracksuits are available but other tracksuits or jogging bottoms are permissible.  
  • Children should have trainers to change into for PE lessons, even if their school shoes are trainer-like. 
  • All jewellery, including watches, must be removed before PE lessons. 

A note on earrings in PE

The wearing of earrings and ear-studs should not be permitted on safety grounds during physical education lessons and other sporting activities such as out of hours school learning or competitive fixtures.  These items represent a potential hazard not only to the wearer but also to other children. Medical advice confirms that any jewellery worn in physical education lessons is an unnecessary risk and should be avoided at all times. Serious accidents have occurred as a result of contact between pupils wearing earrings or studs and other pupils or equipment, thus damaging the ear, or where items of jewellery have caught in apparatus and torn the ear lobe.  Therefore, children are prohibited from wearing earrings and ear-studs in all aspects of physical activity where these could present a hazard to the wearer and to others.  

Newly pierced ears can take a period of up to six weeks before sleepers and studs can be removed. Parents are advised that ears should be pierced at the start of the summer holidays to allow sufficient time for earrings to be safely removed.   Pupils who are not able to remove earrings (as these may be newly pierced) should not actively participate in physical education for their own and others safety. In this circumstance, a pupil could be asked to undertake the role of coach, official or other learning activity that is relevant.  

Earrings cannot be taped as the risk of accidents remains the same. 

Uniform Suppliers

Pre-Loved Uniform

The Parent Association for Bournes Green Junior School and Bournes Green Infant School sell a wide range of branded and non-branded pre-loved uniform. The PA regularly sell uniform at the end of the school day. Details of sales will be listed on the weekly newsletter and on the PA Facebook page.