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At Bournes Green School, Science is primarily taught through stand-alone topics. Some topics are solely taught in one year group whereas others, such as living things and their habitats, are taught in many year groups, ensuring clear progression throughout. Each lesson is driven by a focus question, the answer to which is uncovered through enquiry and investigation before being revisited at the end of the lesson. Each lesson comprises of an initial activity so that teachers can determine the children’s prior knowledge; this allows teachers to build on and deepen what children already know whilst identify and correcting misconceptions that the children may have. Lessons are designed to both teach Science clearly focusing on knowledge and key vocabulary whilst providing children with various opportunities to work scientifically.  These opportunities to work scientifically mean that all children can take part in hands-on and practical investigations, ensuring that each child views themself as a scientist and whilst the focus on knowledge ensures that alongside these opportunities, all children develop a secure understanding of each topic which they are able to draw upon when working scientifically. For example, this knowledge provides children with the opportunities to raise their own questions and choose different ways in which they might investigate to answer them. This carefully-structured curriculum ensures that whilst children are having fun, they are developing a deep knowledge of scientific topics. This means that all children have the opportunity to fulfil their true potential in science and have the knowledge to transition smoothly to secondary school.