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University of Bournes Green

What is The University of Bournes Green?

In June 2023, we launched The University of Bournes Green. This is for every child in the Juniors and took place on Friday afternoons in June and July. 

Every child was given a preference sheet in which they nominated four courses they were interested in taking. We used this to allocate every child a university place. We are pleased to say that every child was offered one of their top four choices.

Our intention is to promote a wider curriculum and to further excite and engage our children as we draw towards the end of the school year. It also offers the opportunity for children to working with adults and children from across the Junior School and aims to provide the children with new knowledge and skills as they progress through the course. 


  • Pupil choice: It is important that children have the opportunity to exercise some autonomy with their learning and to take pleasure in learning something new. ​

  • Our curriculum: Our children are entitled to a wide range of opportunities and a personalised curriculum. ​

  • Celebration: We should celebrate the skills, gifts and talents of our children. ​

  • Challenge: We should offer enrichment that provides challenge for all learners.​

  • Staff choice: Staff should have opportunities to teach their passion and something our children would also be interested in.​

Feedback from the children following the Summer 2023 University of Bournes Green

  • 'I loved it and it was AMAZING' 

  • 'UoBG is really exciting and now I'm more motivated to be here on a Friday because I love UoBG'

  • 'It was really wonderful and I hope we can do it again next year!'

  • 'It is very fun. It made me want to sew my badges on my cubs jumper.'

  • 'I really enjoyed the activities and working with new teachers.'

  • 'It was extremely fun and I learnt lots of new skills.'

  • 'It is always the best part of my week and motivates me.'

  • 97.5% of our children liked The University of Bournes Green. (July 2023 survey)

  • 99.1% of our children would like The University of Bournes Green to run again next year. (July 2023 survey)